This Privacy Policy applies to use of the EasyType Keyboard app.

We collect no information from you. In particular, we do not collect any texts you type on the EasyType keyboard, nor any data derived from these texts (typing data).

We do not collect your personal data. We do not collect usage information. In general, we collect no information from you.

EasyType Keyboard does not require Full Access permission for any of its functions, except for click sound on iOS 8 (outdated version of iPhone operating system). Leaving Full Access off ensures that we cannot access your typing data.

Apple Inc. might collect some anonymous information about how you use EasyType Keyboard. They might share some of that anonymous information with us e.g. how often you use our app. See their respective Privacy Policy for details. We will use such information only to improve our product.

Your privacy is our top priority and will remain so in the future. We are not and will never be in the business of selling your typing data or other information. We will only ever collect your typing data if it is necessary to provide services to you or to improve our products.

Should you have any questions concerning our privacy, do not hesitate to contact us.

The EasyType Keyboard developer responsible for matters concerning data privacy is:

TypeSoft Ltd.
Alexandra Rudnaya 23
01001 Žilina